What folks are saying

"The motor worked flawless, started first pull and the best part it went through the weeds fantastic! 

I bought a 15 foot Grumman sport boat , camouflaged it, put the motor on and it turned out to be the perfect rig for me and my needs.  Opening day I and my son pulled a 17 foot grumman canoe with 2 guys and gear back through the swamp with no problems at all, I could not believe how the motor went through the weeds!  The afternoon shoot there were 3 of us in the sport boat with all the gear and the rig performed flawlessly.  We could put out and pick up the decoys with the use of the motor instead of poling or paddling.  We used to have to pole or paddle back to our favorite spots back in the swamp, I am 67 years old this rig is a game changer I figure I'm good to 90, we take our duck hunting seriously!   I have gone places in the swamp I have never been before with use of your great product."  

TOM S. (Houghton Lake, MI)

Video Testimonial

Dusty H. shared a video of his personal experience with JB Mud Motors 15HP in the Louisiana swamps!